New York Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center is one of the East Coast's only full service Ayurvedic Wellness Centers, specializing in Ayurvedic constitutional evaluation, herbal treatments; Abhayanga, Marma (energy) point therapy, Shirodhara and Bastis, Facial treatments, Panchakarma therapies and overall health management, using the principles of Ayurveda. Our mission is to work with our clients in offering Ayurvedic treatments that can be easily incorporated into any schedule, budget and lifestyle. We try to help you work with Ayurvedic and Yogic practices to achieve the perfect balance between health and harmony. In addition to our treatments, we also carry traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations, herbal teas, oils and some skin care products that can be used in conjunction with managing your overall health.
What is Ayurveda?

AYURVEDA is a 5000 year-old holistic Indian practice, which means science of life or longevity. It relies solely upon herbs, diet and one's overall life style. Knowledge of Ayurveda enables one to understand how to create balance of body, mind and consciousness according to one's own constitution (Prakruti) 
In Ayurveda, every individual has a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics, which is his or her constitution. Body, mind and consciousness work together in maintaining balance. Internal and external factors can act to disturb one's constitutional balance.
In "Ayurveda", both the environment and humans are composed of five basic elements: Air, Space, Fire, Water and Earth. The predominance of these elements affects the three metabolic characteristics of individuals, which are referred to as Doshas.
 These three Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha and individuals can be classified as one of these three constitutions or as a combination of two or even three of the Doshas.
The goal of Ayurvedic Healthcare Products and Services is to help individuals take advantage of the strengths of their Doshas while at the same time limiting the weaknesses. This is made possible by maintaining the Doshas at an optimal level through a range of treatments gathered in Ayurvedic texts.

  Panchakarma - The Ayurvedic Cleanse

According to Ayurveda, Rejuvenation must take place on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Before starting the physical rejuvenation program, the  body must be cleansed from the inside. A rejuvenating herb , taken orally, passes through the stomach, small intestine and large intestine before entering the blood stream. All these physiological pathways must be purified in order for the herb to reach the deeper bodily tissues where the rejuvenation process begins.

We offer very comprehensive Panchakarma consultations and treatments.  With the detailed  instructions from the Practitioner, most of the Panchakarma treatments can be done in the convenience of your own home also.
Mini Panchakarma: 3 & 1/2 Hrs $425
Consultation +2 Hrs Treatments + Herbal Steam

Mini Panchakarma is offered to get a sneak-peak into our 5-21 days Panchakarma services. You will start with a Consultation. During the treatment session, you get Abhyanga therapy (Ayurvedic body oil treatment), Shila-abhyanga (ayurvedic hot stones treatment). Marma abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil treatment focused on vital energy points), Udvartana (herbal exfoliation), Shiro-Abhyanga (Head Massage), Pada-Abhyanga (Foot Massage), Shirodhara (Warm oil stream on forehead), Karna purna (ear therapy), Nasya (nasal therapy), Steam sauna/Dry sauna. Treatments are customized.

What is Panchakarma?

​​"SPICE BOWL" by New York Ayurveda

3 Days Customized Panchakarma Meals $135
 Rice & Mung Lentil Khichari,

Mung /Veggie Soup, 
Ginger Lime Pickle,  1 jar Detox Tea

 Questions??   Call 212-616-4127  or 
Email: [email protected]

Panchakarma Packages                      Book Online

  3 Days Panchakarma (includes  2 Hrs of customized therapies+herbal steam for 3 days)     $825      Book online

5 Days Panchakarma  2 Hrs of customized therapies + herbal steam for 5 days)      $1250    Book online

7 Days Panchakarma (includes 2 Hrs of customized therapies + herbal steam for 7 days)      $1645    Book online
14 Days Panchakarma (includes 2 Hrs of customized therapies + herbal steam for 14 days)   $3150   Book online

Please Note: $50 per day will be added to all Panchakarma packages that will include Navara-Kizhi treatment.

       Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Cleanse) for Weight Management

$195 per day  (90 Min service)                    Choose 5 - 14 Days Package                      Book Online

Ayurveda offers customized gentle approach towards weight management. Depending on the food cravings, metabolism imbalances, unhealthy lifestyle etc.., sometimes it can be a constant struggle against your own body. Ayurveda suggests to clean up all the blocked channels and then start rebuilding a strong and healthy system for mind, body and spirit.
Ayurvedic cleanse for weight management consists of several steps:- diagnosing your body type, a customized treatment plan for the elimination of inner and outer toxins, fat, digestive issues, Herbs, Yoga/exercise, Pranayama (breathing exercise), diet plan, lifestyle changes and more... At the end of the program, you will have a new lifestyle and diet adaptation. 
 Panchakarma in Kerala, India
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We are proud to be partners with few of the best Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala, India. 

These private Ayurveda resorts, (private Ayurvedic hospitals) set in the verdant countryside of Kerala, India,  focus on Specialized Treatments, Preventive Ayurveda Care and Rejuvenation Therapies. The varied ambiance of these private setting Resorts provides the perfect backdrop for a range of Ayurvedic treatments that will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Choose your stay in a healthy farm resort or a private beach or private island.

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for any questions or Panchakarma reservation in Kerala, India.
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